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I really wanted to share this because while this piece of audio is on the Five Nights at Freddy’s wiki, I haven’t seen anyone else upload this audio on its own, and maybe not everybody’s noticed this yet.

Please be aware that it WILL scream when you click play! But I added a fade-in at the beginning to make it less surprising.

In-game, the scream is cut off when the screen goes to static, so all you really hear are the first few seconds that sound like a mechanical screech. But when the entire audio clip is played, you can clearly hear it’s the scream of a child.

The disturbing implications support many fan theories, including my own.


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(( guys. just alittle thing with five night at freddies. just from wikipedia, 

The story given to the player by the previous night watchman is only his interpretation of events. It is confirmed by the author that the real reason for the “Haunting” is hidden within the game and only players with very keen eyes are able to see it. The secret lore is revealed through many newspaper clippings that randomly appear on the wall in the East Hall Corner.[citation needed]

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was once a popular restaurant, but its fame declined after five children went missing, having been lured backstage by a man in a Freddy Fazbear suit and murdered. It is said that the culprit was captured, but the children’s bodies were never recovered. The restaurant was threatened with closure and their reputation was tainted. Later, concerned parents contacted the Health Department over sanitation issues. The mascots apparently gave off a very foul odor, with what appeared to be blood and mucus around the eyes and mouth. Because of the threat of closure from poor sanitation, as well as the infamy gained from the murders, the restaurant is unable to find a buyer and will close by year’s end. It is therefore implied that the children were forcefully stuffed inside the animatronics and left to rot over the coming years, and the mascots now haunt the establishment because the childrens’ souls have possessed them. Since the original killer had access to backstage and costumes, and that the mascots seem to attack the security guards, it is also implied that the original killer was once a night watchman at the restaurant.[citation needed]

There is also a secret message that is played in the phone call from the 5th night, if reversed. It is very difficult to understand but fans think it is either a Spirit or the night guard in one of the suits. It is nearly impossible to tell. If one listens closely, when reversed it appears to (somewhat) sound like the same message from the first night, where a watchman claims he worked in the same office the week before the player. This has lead some players to believe that the message was being reversed for the security guard for the next week, thus meaning every time a new guard is hired the same tape is played, leading to the belief that the new guard will think whoever wrote the message worked there the week before them’ 

there were past children literally stuffed into the costumes. so if you hear audio with children in it…well now you know. THANK GOD FOR THE WIKI AND IM GONNA HAVEN NIGHTMARES TONIGHT. HOO BOY.))

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GUESS WHOS BACK mother fuckers.. HONK honk. :o) 
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GUESS WHOS BACK mother fuckers.. HONK honk. :o) 

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(( i think i went too far… theres too many… send help. and expect an update sometimes soon :> i havent died yet.))

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Sometimes I feel like drawing, but I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable if it’s not your cup of tea.


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